On Sunday July 29th Whistler will once again host Subaru Ironman Canada.  This year they are expecting over 2,000 athletes to participate from many countries and it looks like the weather will be hot & sunny!  I always find this event fascinating . . . On the one hand, I have an unbelievable amount of respect for the athletes for all the hard work that goes into preparing and training for the event.  On the other hand, I can’t help thinking that they are all just a little crazy to WANT to do it!  The Whistler course is rated as one of the toughest Ironman courses in the world and when you spend some time watching you start to understand why.  I like to get up early and head to Rainbow Park to watch the mass start of the swim into Alta Lake.  Watching them take off there is that little crazy part of me that thinks maybe I could do this . . . it actually looks like fun . . . I just can’t help it!

Through the rest of the day I like to ride my bike around and watch at different sections of the bike and the run courses.  It’s super inspirational to see all the different types of people participating, wondering what each has had to endure to even get there.  A few years in a row we have volunteered at several run aid stations and got to see the effect that the race had on the participants throughout the day.  This is where you realize that you need to be a little touched to WANT to do this . . .  The excitement comes back again when you head to watch at the finish line and you get to see the culmination of the hard work and you hear those amazing words “. . . insert name. . . You Are an Ironman!”  Especially when you get closer and closer to midnight and you are cheering on those last athletes to cross the finish line – these incredible racers have been out on the course from 6am until midnight. . . 18 hours. . . crazy and inspirational!!  Some might not like Ironman but for me it is one of those races that fits so well with the Whistler story.  Me personally I can relate. . . some parts inspirational and some parts crazy!!

Looking to take in some of the action and cheer on those amazing athletes, check out the Spectator Guide.

For info on traveling around Whistler on Sunday take a look at the Traffic Guide as there will be some restrictions for travel on Hwy 99.

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Photo Courtesy of:  Tourism Whistler/Justa Jeskova