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Whistler, British Columbia is located just 2 hours north west of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in the Coast Mountain Range off the shores of the Pacific Ocean.


Originally named Alta Lake, in the early 1960s a group of businessmen from the Lower Mainland of British Columbia went looking for a site to develop in order to host the 1968 Winter Olympics. They were brought to what was then called London Mountain known locally as "Whistler Mountain" because of great numbers the whistling marmots that called it home. Although their bid to host those games was unsuccessful the seed was sown and Whistler Mountain officially opened on February 15, 1966. From there Whistler has grown to become one of the best mountain resorts in North America

Presently, Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains give visitors access to over 8,000 acres of prime mountain terrain to enjoy. Through careful planning and effort, Whistler has quickly become a four season playground. There are many days in Whistler when it is possible to ski on the glacier, golf one of our 5 local courses and swim in one of our pristine mountain lakes all before the sun sets to reveal the beautiful heavens above. There truly is no mountain playground like in the world.

While millions visit every year and know it as an alpine vacation resort, Whistler is also home to a thriving community of professionals, artists, athletes, families, and groups. Residents and community groups share a strong sense of community and a passion for the environment, and work hard to create a welcoming alpine culture. Today, Whistler has over 10,000 local residents in the community providing for those that visit and invest here. With its small town charm and international flare Whistler is the most unique mountain community in the world.

The originating dream of hosting an Olympics here, although unsuccessful in 1968, was never lost and we were proud to be the host resort for the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Whistler was truly able to shine because of its ability to Welcome the World. Those amazing experiences should bring Whistler to the forefront of many minds.


Activities in Whistler

Whistler is a winter paradise and with 2 million visitors joining us in resort each year it is no wonder that we have many ways to pass the time. We have been named one of the best destination resorts in all of North America for many years and constantly look for ways to improve upon our guests' experience.

Our two mountains, Whistler and Blackcomb, give skiers and boarders access to over 7,000 acres of prime mountain terrain to enjoy. The average snowfall is 360 inches or 30 feet per year at the summit level. Our average alpine temperatures are between -12c and -5c.

If you're looking for more we have countless other activities all over the valley in the winter season. You can try snowmobiling, dog sledding, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, ski touring, snow cat tours and much more. Whistler is a winter wonderland for all abilities and ages and tastes. Come and see for yourself.


Summer Activities

Many people come because of the winter and end up staying or investing here because of the summer. Having lived here for over 10 years I can honestly say that I enjoy the summer just as much as the winter. Over the years Whistler has become more of a four season resort. There are now 5 destination golf courses in the valley. We have some of the nicest and most pristine lakes for swimming, boating and fishing. The mountain biking and hiking are second to none in all of North America. You can even ride the glacier in the summer before running off to enjoy another summer activity. It's true you can have it all in Whistler.


Family Destination

There is no place like Whistler with a family. We have one of the best ski programs in the world for children on both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. Imagine your kids riding through an enchanted forest and riding on the Excalibur Gondola to find the Wizard on Blackcomb Mountains. They'll be the talk of their friend when they return from their adventures in Whistler.

If you decide to visit us in the summer months you can use the extensive valley trail system and explore the area on bikes, blades, skateboards or just your feet. There are also specialized glacier camps offered on Blackcomb Mountain put on by some of the best of the coaches in the world of mountain riding. We also have an amazing skateboard park, a mountain bike terrain park, many lakes and playgrounds to enjoy.



Whistler's main Village has no cars and the strolls are all lined with boutiques and shops to suit the most professional of shoppers. You will find many charming retail locations in the area including art galleries, unique clothing shops & gift shops. As well you will find many of the recognizable names like Salomon, Nike, Guess, The Gap and of course Starbuck's.



There are over 80 different Restaurants in Whistler to enjoy, each with their own unique take on culinary adventures. We have French, German, Swiss or Italian as well as Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Thai. There are Greek Restaurants, Mexican Restaurants as well as different fusions of each specializing in seafood, game or vegetarian. If you love wines some of our restaurant wine lists have won international accolades the world over. You could be here in Whistler for months and never eat in the same restaurant twice. My mouth is watering just thinking about them all.


Winter Activities

  • Downhill Skiing

    If you want a big mountain experience you'll get it. We have over 200 runs on Whistler and Blackcomb including 3 glaciers, 12 bowls for al ages, abilities and sizes. As a ex ski pro I know the mountains and I can honestly say that I enjoy every bit of them to this day.

  • Heli-skiing/Snowboarding

    Imagine being guided through untouched powder for a over 40,000feet of vertical in one day. Enough said.

  • Cross Country Skiing

    There are set trails around Lost Lake from November - March that offer many ability levels the chance to enjoy the outdoors throughout the day. One night falls you can ski under the lights and get those last few pounds off from dinner the night before. If you're looking for more adventure just a short drive off we have several other areas perfect for the skinny ski enthusiasts. Many of the Golf courses also have trails maintained for cross-country skiing so you can bring your family and even your dog. If you don't have your own equipment we'll even rent you some!

  • Snow Shoeing

    There are snowshoeing trails in and around the Lost Lake area with rentals also available at various locations in Whistler

  • Snowmobile

    There are miles of open terrain around the Whistler area to go snowmobiling. There are many companies in town that rent snowmobiles and offer lessons and guided tours.

  • Helicopter/Airplane tours

    Aerial tours will take you high above Whistler, over the glaciers, peaks, ice caps, mountain lakes and waterfalls and are offered by many local sightseeing companies.

  • Zipline Ecotours

    This is one of Whistler's most unique outdoor adventures. You will get a bird's eye view over Fitzsimmons Creek, gorges and rivers for 2.5 hours while harnessed to a series of cable cords. Naturalists educate you on the local ecology as part of this activity.

  • Skating

    Whistler offers both indoor and outdoor skating. The Meadow Park Sports Centre, 5 minutes north of the Village offers an Indoor skating rink while many of the lakes in Whistler can be skated upon should the weather permit.

  • Eagle Viewing

    Forty-five minutes south of Whistler is an area called Brackendale. This area has the world's highest population of Bald Eagles. The best viewing times are between November and February. Guided tours from Whistler to Brackendale are available.

  • Bungee Jumping

    They are set up for a 160 foot jump off a bridge into a glacial river. Don't forget to take your toque off when you jump in the winter.

  • Dog Sledding

    Imagine being pulled through an old growth forest by a team of sled dogs and settling in for fondue when you arrive. This is something to behold.

  • Sleigh Rides

    You know Dasher and Dancer and Comet and Cupid. Well they aren't here but the horses will pull you around in the forests around Whistler for the ultimate romantic or family outing ever. It truly is the icing on the cake of your winter wonderland vacation


Summer Activities

  • Floatplane or Helitours

    This is one of the best kept secrets of Whistler. Fly high above the snowcapped peaks of the local mountains and gaze over the pristine mountain lakes on in the comforts of a small float plane or helicopter. Your see more of the area on these tours than any other offered anywhere.

  • ATV Tours

    These things are a riot and offer the riders a real thrill at all levels. You can ride tandem or solo on the guided tours along the trails throughout the mountains in the valley. There are several outfits who offer packages with slightly different feels. I've done many of them and I'd be happy to recommend any of them when we chat.

  • Bungee Jumping

    Whistler Bungee offers a 160-foot drop over a brand new 300-foot pedestrian bridge.

  • Canoeing/Kayaking

    Whistler has many rivers and lakes to enjoy. All different ages and abilities will find what they are looking for here. You can meander down a slow flowing river or brave the white waters of many of the glacial rivers around town.

  • Fishing

    Whistler's lakes and rivers are full of fish and with the right knowledge and tackle you can have a wonderful fishing experience here any day. Guided tours are also available and your imagine is the only limit to these experience. We can arrange helicopters, boats, ATVs, 4x4s and even hummers to get you where you want to go.

  • Glacier Access

    Imagine being able to ride the Horstman Glacier on Blackcomb Mountain in the hot summer days of June, July and August. Wear a t-shirt, shorts and goggles.our beach is a mile high one.

  • Golf

    We are lucky enough to have 5 wonderful golf courses in the immediate area of Whistler. There is Nicklaus North Golf Club, The Chateau Whistler Golf Club, Whistler golf Club, Big Sky Golf and Country and Club and The Pemberton Valley Golf and Country Club. Each are amazing in their own right and appeal to all levels and ages.

  • Hiking/Climbing

    Walk out your door and start walking and you will have access to some of the most amazing terrain anywhere. You can be in some of the most amazing Alpine Meadows and Valleys with as little or as much effort on your part. If you choose you can ride the Whistler Gondola in the summer to start you out and go from there. It is truly magnificent.

  • Horseback Riding

    Professional trail rides can be arranged on trained horses throughout the valley. There are several operators to choose from. The whole family can join in as there are horses better suited for children available.

  • In Line Skating

    There are miles and miles of paved trails throughout the valley also know as " The Valley Trail". You can go from Spring Creek to Emerald Estates and back again never getting off the trail once. It is one of our greatest assets and it is awesome.

  • Mountain Biking

    Whether you like a hard tail or full suspension enthusiast you will be blown away by what Whistler has to offer. Our terrain park on Whistler Mountain is unbelievable and offers some of the most thrilling and exciting rides this planet has to offer. If you like getting back to nature let's go for a ride on one of the fabulous rides in the area. We have miles of single track or gravel trails for all levels, abilities & ages.

  • White Water Rafting

    There are a number of Rafting companies that offer a full spectrum of adventures for the mild at heart to the all out adventurer. This is fun!

  • Rock Climbing

    We have some of the best climbing in this region of British Columbia. Let one of the local companies arrange a guided experience or just come and talk to one of the locals and they will set you up with the right climb based on your ability.

  • Sailing

    The wind can be quite consistent in Whistler as the are flows up the valley from the Ocean. There are several outfitters that offer rentals and packages throughout Whistler.

  • Skateboarding

    Our Skate Park is one of the best outdoor parks in North America. You find all ages and abilities enjoying this venue. Bring your helmet and your skate or even your BMX.

  • Tennis

    There are many outdoor tennis courts in the valley of Whistler that are free to the public and are located in local parks throughout Whistler.

  • Zipline Ecotours

    This is by far one of the best activities that Whistler has to offer. Take a 2.5 hour tour and enjoy being in the tree tops around Blackcomb Mountain along Fitzsimmons Creek. They harness you in and send you along a zip line all the while teaching you about the area natural habitats and eco systems.

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